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Energy Benchmarking The benchmarking reporting deadline has been extended to July 1, for submitting data. Learn about disclosure and enforcement.

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Save Energy Compare your building's energy performance to others in Seattle and get started saving energy and money. Why Benchmarking is Required Learn more about the ordinance, our data analysis and reports, and how Seattle benefits from benchmarking. Maybe in some small way, but not in any way that is directly correlated with how badly our environmental world is faring.

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Mother Nature cares only about the upset we are causing her, not about the intentions or reputation a company possesses. The environment is affected by the actions we take, not by our good intentions or what people say about us.

3 Utilities Investing in Sustainability

Green policies are just writing on a piece of paper; they mean little until enacted. More than fifteen years ago, my MIT students found that companies that sign on to voluntary, industry-based regulatory programs show great disparities in how they perform under the programs. Reprinted with the permission of Stanford University Press.

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