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This model has worked well in Saskatchewan. We are ready to move forward in partnership with Saskatchewan residents with disabilities, their families, community based organizations, the Saskatchewan government and the Commission. The service is offered by all of our operators as part of an integrated work station. It is not a separate bill line. The service we believe came into being in about , and when we became regulated in June of it was embedded in our rates at that time.

We can easily extrapolate the costs over that base of customers. We certainly hope that it is nowhere in the ballpark. It would strike me that if the costs are that high that that perhaps would be on the other side of the reasonableness line, and certainly we believe that the Commission needs to fully understand these future costs before embarking on VRS service. That is still our target, but we are afraid that that may slip as we get deeper into the analysis. Anything else wouldn't make any sense.

We have not had any demand whatsoever for French message relay service, so today we do only provide an English service for message relay in Saskatchewan. We think the answer is Canada but we will undertake to provide a formal response on that one. Our expectation would be that if a device can access the Internet, then it should be able to access IP relay service.

Meldrum and Mr. Kroll and I will address my comments to you, Mr. Meldrum, and you can redirect as you choose. They are very complete and very inclusive. So I will apologize right up front if I'm going to ask a question that is half answered here. I am very interested, however, in understanding what are the major components, cost components, of providing message relay service. Operators are another cost component. At this point I don't think we are looking for an actual cost study, but I would like to understand what all is contained.

I mean there is a rate. I know that it is, for example, imputed in your subsidy requirements and so on, so there is a separate rate or separate component of the rate for message relay. I think it's about 25 cents. So some component of that rate is covering off with the TTY. And what are the other cost components? We will see if we can get five and we will file it as well. I think that's a logical conclusion. It's obvious that some of these new technologies are valuable and useful tools for persons who are deaf. So if as a result of this proceeding we were to determine that it made sense to have a national IP relay service versus a regional service, would that affect the monies you would need to spend on your trial?

What are your views on national IP relay service? So if it makes the most sense to provide it on a national basis, which it likely does because then you can access economies of scale, I would think we would be supportive of that. IP relay service, there are of course companies we know in the States, for example, who provide the service.

It is a separate and unique service and different companies contract their resources. Our core competency there would really be handling customer inquiries and running a call center, being the operator services group, which isn't a skill that is particular to phone companies. Have you considered how to recover the ongoing costs? I know some people think it could be substantially greater. I am not necessarily convinced of that. They certainly believe there are a number of people that only sign and for which that service would be essential but they don't know the number.

I understand some of your deferral monies was directed to improving the accessibility of your website. So the money in the deferral account is being used to create a special section? That is our expectation in terms of the amount of money that is available given what it has cost others to make their entire website compliant with those guidelines. It is that balancing act that I guess occurs all the time in terms of the services that we offer to our customers. I don't believe we offer anything over and above that. So that is the opportunity to get your bill in Braille, big print bills, some other promotional material.

It might make more sense for us to deal directly with the customer involved and help them with the service or the issue that they are having. However, customers should not be limited by the size of the company in addressing their accessibility. You know, if you just look at the form, there is nothing special.

SaskTel is not the only company to have a special needs manager. SaskTel is not the only company that has access, you know, to their call centre. Meldrum, if you say it is because you are a Crown corporation, we are not going to be able to do much with that. It really is. They own us and that makes them at times very demanding and makes us very responsive.

So if you sort of said, why do we focus on it more, that would be, to me, the underlying theme. That is about people that are on that particular directed cellular plan. We do have the special needs manager, but as you indicate, other people do. So if we wanted to take your formula, I am not sure, truthfully, that I understand the formula. It is sometimes the small things that count. So it is hard to describe, I suppose, but other than we pay close attention to it. I definitely wouldn't say significant cost.

It is worth the effort. I know there has been a lot of discussion about companies, wireless service providers providing terminals that are specific to the disabled community. We wouldn't be able to move 10, cell terminals in Saskatchewan. Our market, again, is just too small. SaskTel is not large enough. Canada is not large enough, necessarily, to influence the design. Do you support it? I think it is more important to know what you will do going forward, and on a going forward basis you said that you would support it.

They are not supported. Thank you. The first issue relates to closed captioning. In this proceeding there has been a lot of discussion about the quality of closed captioning. The CAB has put forward the position that there is a role, and there is a definite role to play for BDUs, as it relates to monitoring and responding to issues related to the quality of closed captioning. Some costs, yes. I don't have that with me. You provide it, as well, for the specialties that have described video.

For the described video that is in the system today, would you be prepared to leave that all open source? That's fair. You can undertake to provide that answer. Are you working with your manufacturers to develop a simplified process? It's not mandated in the United States. I will let that go, but I think it's hard to imagine going from open format today to six clicks to get somewhere tomorrow. The last thing I want to talk about is the electronic programming guide. We voiceprint, and all of our described programming services are grouped together in the sequence of channels.

In our case, they are channels through or , I believe. That would come up on the guide. If any of those opportunities are available, it would be very interesting to hear about them, as well. I am going to start. It may have had a bit of a hiatus, but I still believe that described video is being offered by the Public Broadcasting System, PBS, and some other channels, as well.

My math may be wrong, so I am going to take you through a mathematical exercise. Commissioner Molnar mentioned, I think, that the rate was 25 cents. My records say that it's It doesn't matter. The average number of people per family is somewhere between 3. So you have about a quarter of a million homes in Saskatchewan. In this case there is a major contribution.

So there's not an individual line item on the customers' bill for MRS services? I know for phone companies that's Nirvana and probably not for regulators, but there was a period of time and that might have been the period of time at which we introduced MRS. Because again, I mean, my math would tell me if you incorporate it into the rate and just bundled it in, then, as you increase your telephony rates by inflation or whatever, 2 percent, 3 percent, you are bumping that number up, as well.

And I think I heard you say that the order levels, in order to bring in product, was a minimum of 10, units, and therefore it didn't support the business proposition. And if they couldn't, I would tend to think you can still buy them off the shelf if you had to subsidize them, which is maybe what you are doing on TTY, I don't know. But I'm sure people are bringing them into the United States, for example. Why you couldn't call them up and say, Can you sell us a hundred of these things?

To me it would be a logical thing to do if there's a need for it or a demand for it by your citizens, your customers. So, again, it's hard to do small batches. Well, it's something that you might want to think about, I guess. CCTS, I think it's called. It's on the record, Mr. I know you mentioned earlier that there is some discretion where you actually reduce the price of some services, as well. We would certainly try and deal with that. Now, people that live in Saskatchewan surely don't communicate only with people in Saskatchewan. Some of them probably communicate with people outside of Saskatchewan.

We just don't get an opportunity to use our French, so we learn French and then lose it, unfortunately. But if there were bilingual operators on duty, then they would handle that particular call. But in terms of actually setting ourselves up to ensure that we would be able to provide bilingual IP relay service, we just haven't had a need yet to undertake that. Because for VRS you have it in your presentation, and, actually, in your undertaking at the end of your presentation, that you do agree that it should be set up as a national service.

And then you mention that you are only going to offer VRS in English. So VRS, you will also offer in French? But if it was a call centre that offered both English and French, then I would certainly think it would come with the service that we would contract. And in terms of video relay, we wouldn't be anywhere along that continuum of understanding of costs. Kroll's point that he's not a technical person, but I still have technical questions anyway. And it's regarding, really, your IP technology. Did I? Did you get the reply for that RFP? Can you keep us informed whether or not your supplier was able to provide you with a positive answer or not?

Have you got any questions, Commissioner Duncan? If I'm a customer of SaskTel's, how do I access the open signal now? Is it just a single button? I'm just imagining it would be complicated initially to set up. Not any moreso there than anywhere else, but When the installer goes into the home to install the equipment, they would probably lend some assistance if they could, and certainly there are avenues available for the customer to call back if they were having troubles.

Thank you very much. That's good. But still on points 16 and 17, on page 2 of your presentation, you had indicated that it seemed to be of your belief that accessibility issues largely rested with technological issues and you had said:. It's a hard wall that divides the two and that puts you in another framework of thinking, in terms of what you can and can't do given the size of your organization.

And, of course, certainly as I'm discovering as well as I get older, the hearing starts to slip.

So I'm hearing you say that you do have sensitivity and are making efforts in the areas you can make. Perhaps the frustration is really more on the wireless side than on the wireline side. Actually the Office of Disabilities of the Province of Saskatchewan has asked us to use that smaller amount of our deferral account to actually focus on seeing whether we can adapt these products to aid cognitively disabled individuals to be able to live more independently. It is a per cent owned entity.

Two that are today monitored remotely would be blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which of course diabetes leads to so many other disabilities. With respect to the business model of any service provider, again we are seeing at this end that scale of aging population and the percentage of moving into what could be considered some form of disability.

As an individual reaches 75 years of age, we are being told that between 65 and 75 per cent of the population of that age group will be considered as having some form of disability. Just a couple of things. I think you would want to understand the specifics, but intuitively I think it would make sense. So would your company have any concerns if we move to a national message relay service? It's just that we think that the amount of money available may only permit us to do special needs. We are still trying to understand the audit.

If you could provide that and any other information you would have related to requirements, benefits, challenges or so on, you know, in expanding the requirement to be all information. The end of next week, is that reasonable? That last one I would be very surprised if we could provide anything meaningful within a week. I guess I shouldn't have said the end of next week. I see heads shaking no. Meldrum, Mr. Kroll, for appearing before us. C'est un mot qui a une racine grecque, qui vient de " ambly ", faible, et " ope ", vision. Et, dans notre cas, c'est l'inverse, c'est la parole qui est d'or.

On aimerait Deux choses doivent se passer. Bonjour, monsieur Dubois, madame Pardo. Ce que nous avons fait depuis juillet, c'est poursuivre la consultation et l'analyse du sujet et nous savons Donc, on voulait clairement exprimer c'est quoi les besoins de nos membres. Je vous donne le contexte. Si c'est le psychologue qui est en train de donner son opinion, le lieu, l'action. Donc, il peut avoir Do we know? So, I think it might be appropriate to take a break now with this panel and link in so that we can utilize the video comfortably.

You need ten minutes? Maybe we can do that and, in that way, we can avoid -- we're going to continue. On peut continuer, on me dit qu'on a encore un peu de temps pour pouvoir continuer. C'est parfait. Parce que quand on va sur un site web, on y va comme n'importe quel client. Ce n'est pas juste des besoins particuliers. J'ai une question qui est d'ordre un petit peu plus administratif. Merci beaucoup. Est-ce qu'il y a des autres questions du panel?

Conseiller juridique? On prend dix minutes. Please, be seated. Edwin Ross Eadie who is joining us via videoconference from our Winnipeg office. Eadie, can you hear us? Thank you for allowing me to step in a bit earlier here as I have a job interview this afternoon, I would really hate to miss that. It is tough being poor, although I have a nice suit today.

I think it was last year a decision was finally made by Stephen Harper, I think. I believe that there needs to be a universal design approach to any system of providing culture to us in this country because the special segregated ways of dealing with these things can only achieve a minimal percentage of access. Why can't we get to 90 percent, as we have, let's say, in captioning for people who are deaf in our broadcasting system. I am not sure of the exact percentages but why can't we achieve that? We need to be able to do that. We need to hear ideas from Canadians who are not immersed in what I would call segregated services.

They have a good will, they want to try to solve problems but what they end up usually doing is they come up with segregated service ideas in how to deal with things because after all they have to make sure that their organizations are viable. I mean YouTube is out there and people are advertising there now and we have to deal with those situations. Why do we have to duplicate cost? That is an extra cost that we shouldn't need. Not long ago it was probably double that price and it is coming down because more is being done. Why not have them, through their production processes, produce the descriptive video?

There are writers and directors and producers on these shows and actually the writers know what they are trying to depict when there is no verbalization happening. I spoke to somebody who works in the business and this is about creative rights as well. Why do we have to have a separate cottage industry where you pay somebody else to write the descriptive video service?

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And this is for preprogrammed stuff, this isn't real time DVS that people are trying to consider, which is much more difficult to do. Like I say, no politician is going to want to be known as the person who hurt those poor cripples, you know. I am sorry to say it that way but that is kind of how society kind of looks at things sometimes and that is the reality. You often hear from the people who provide the segregated services but you don't get to hear the people who have the universal design ideas, the way to maybe achieve a much bigger access to the systems.

I was listening with great interest. I am glad that they were still presenting today. They were talking about only having four network channels with open description. That points out the problem with open description. The Documentary Channel, I just love it. Do I have to listen at three o'clock in the morning to listen to any programming content that I want to listen to?

So what am I left to? I don't have it, it is on my credit card, I am still paying it. But you know what? This is a great thing to have. Why couldn't we have used some of that money to pay for the audio system so I don't have to pay for it? So how do we find the money to do that? When I heard access, I thought, well, if there is all this money there and people want it back, why can't we actually use that and use it for access?

Because there are many people with disabilities who don't have access to this. We need to be able to reflect and utilize some of those resources maybe. The 20 cents a month, I hope you will ask me questions about that. I heard people worried about administrating the fund sort of things but I have ideas on that.

Even though I might have to get my son or somebody else to turn the DVS on for the time being but if we establish this fund, we can get people to design the software and hardware that we can use. They told us they couldn't put a voice on these things. They told us they couldn't do it. It is impossible, they said. Snow removal, sandblasting, deicing and winter maintenance of the road network sector North village. Communications connections work and raises power for the kV substation of the treatment plant Jean-R.

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Acquisition of a tractor trailer type scraper front-fields. Snow removal, de-icing and supply of materials for Route Mauricie. Snow removal, de-icing, storage site and supplies materials for roads 40 and Capitale-Nationale.

Language debate seems to be heating up in Quebec again

Maintenance, snow removal and de-icing of streets, roads and parking lots. Snow removal, ice removal and supply of materials for roads , and Mauricie. Snow removal, de-icing and supply of materials for roads , and Mauricie. Snow removal and de-icing of the buildings of the National Assembly. Purchase of snow removal equipment for a wheel truck. Snow removal and maintenance of municipal roads for 3 years. Provision and installation of an Internet service in student residences.

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The zoning permits the construction of an urban subdivision development consisting of single family homes, townhomes, parks, and institutional and commercial space. I am pleased with the results that the instrument has produced thus far. Working in conjunction with Earth Day Canada, we will be planting the next instalment of trees along the stormwater ponds in Riverside South.

In addition there will be an environmental fair with something for everyone. Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge Construction Continues You can now see live pictures of the StrandherdArmstrong Bridge construction through my website at www. Ecology Ottawa members came out to call on the federal government to put funds towards helping clean up the Ottawa River in its upcoming budget.

City participation at workshop echoes economic development commitment I was pleased to participate in a workshop showing local small businesses how they can make government their customer by understanding how procurement processes work. The workshop featured procurement experts from each level of government who gave advice on such matters as security clearances, processes, proposal writing and key contacts.

As you may know, I have been leading the charge for the City of Ottawa to help open the doors for local business. Please contact me if I can be of assistance. Desroches Ottawa. EMC news - In an effort to help end homelessness, a group of university students will be giving up their warm beds and hot dinners to live on the street for five days this month. Participants from both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University will be spending five days out in the cold with only a sleeping bag, pillow and the clothes on their backs to keep them warm. And they are all doing this to raise awareness and money to help stop homelessness in Canada.

Used to a location in downtown Montreal during her previous. Partsinevelos said there are two reasons why she has continued to participate in the campaign. The money raised will go directly towards helping the homeless in Ottawa. Five students will be participating in the campaign along with Partsinevelos and although they will be suffering the hard cement instead of a warm bed, students are required to continue to go to all their classes.

To find out more about the 5 Days campaign or to donate, visit www. Carleton students took part in the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign that began on March 11 at 5 p. We offer the beauty and elegance of a natural wood shake roof with the durability and unmatched performance of metal. It comes with a 50 year, transferable Warranty against: wind, rain, snow, moss, hail and tree resin. This beautiful roof is being introduced to your local market now. You must book your job within 10 days of this advertisement. EMC news - A new festival promising to be a celebration of bluegrass, roots and folk music will be coming to Centretown on April The Ottawa Grassroots Festival will hold their first of what organizers announced will be an annual event at the Montgomery Legion Hall on Kent Street.

The festival will offer free events during the afternoon and a ticketed evening concert. Bob Nesbitt, longtime site manager of the Ottawa Folk Festival, said the inspiration for the festival came from the backyard barbecues he would host at his home after the folk festival had wrapped up. The idea of the festival grew from that. Nesbitt held the official launch of the festival on March 7 at Pressed, a sandwich bar on Gladstone Avenue. To kick off the event, organizers and performers filed into the sandwich bar while the Bytown.

No rain checks or substitutions. Advertised prices and product selection may vary by store location. Descriptions take precedence over photos. Some illustrations in this advertisement do not necessarily represent items on sale, and are for design purposes only. We reserve the right to correct any unintentional errors that may occur in the copy or illustrations. Ukulele Group serenaded them with a number of tunes.

The goal of the festival is to offer a community-focused event that brings together music fans and musicians alike. Nesbitt said it is also to promote folk music in a familyfun environment. Garry Greenland, bluegrass performer and member of the band Maple Hill, will be participating in the free afternoon event, how to build your own band. Greenland performed a number at the launch, remarking that it felt odd being all alone on the stage.

The lineup, Nesbitt explained was well thought out and getting key musicians such as Fines took some extra effort, but in the end paid off. A man who has run a number of festivals and events in his day, Nesbitt said he was surprised by the amount of help and enthusiasm he has had with his friends and colleagues.

Nesbitt added the fact that it is happening at all has made it possible for the event to become an annual event, with hopes of making it a two-day event in the future. The free events run from noon to 5 p. More information about the event can be found at ottawagrassrootsfestival. One million tulips will decorate the two National Capital Commission parks, but all programming and events associated with the Tulip Festival will now be scattered around the city, the organization announced on March 5. Factors for the cost of clean up, Wolfe said are determined by the duration of the festival, the size of its footprint and weather conditions.

News of the move, Wolfe said, came as a shock to the organization. He believes this will allow the festival to grow into an event that could animate the entire city. Each year the Netherlands send 20, bulbs. A full list of programming, Luxton said, would be released at the end of March. If you know someone you would like to nominate, please visit gg.

With the great former Real Madrid and France international player Zinedine Zidane as its International Ambassador, the Danone Nations Cup is the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world. More than three million 11 and 12 yearolds participate every year with over 40 countries competing in the International Finals hosted by a different country each year. Selections for Danone started in the fall of in Montreal and Toronto. The Danone coaches were impressed by no less than 5 players from Ottawa South United Soccer Association having demonstrated their superb soccer skills at the various identification camps.

We will not consider any across-the-board cuts, raise taxes or privatize health care, and we will continue building on our track record of protecting health care and education. This will be the last step before selection for the Danone Eastern Canadian team is finalised. Across Canada, over 8, players registered and the selection process is now down to less than It means we can grow the economy, create jobs and provide the services families depend on most.

My staff and I will do our best to help. The OSU family congratulates all 5 of our players on their latest selection and wishes them the best of luck as they strive for selection for a team place in the national final in July and the ultimate prize of representing Canada at Danone Nations Cup in the fall ! The medal celebrates the contributions of Canadians from every province who are helping to strengthen our country, every day.

Sales Centre Hours Monday to Thursday 12 p. Saturday Sunday and Holidays 12 p. Closed Friday. EMC news - The Glebe Community Association has passed a motion that will see the group present opposition to the city allowing the installation of digital signs, arguing more research needs to be done into the issue. The city is currently running a digital screen pilot project, but the most centrally located screen lies 4. The pilot project imposes limitations on illumination, frequency, scrolling, rolling, fading in and out, blinking or giving the impression of movement. Brocklebank said. The motion carried unanimously and Brocklebank has begun drafting the letter.

Community opposition to digital signs, in particular a digital sign at the convention centre, has been growing. Old Ottawa East resident Steven Furr has prepared two letters similar to the one Brocklebank proposed and he said so far five communities who have signed both letters. A plan to put a digital sign on this blank wall of the new Ottawa Convention Centre, seen here from the Laurier Avenue Bridge, is gaining opposition from community groups.

Action Sandy Hill, however, was one of the community groups to have signed on. He said he is interested to see how the public responds to the proposal and will continue to follow it closely. Furr said his only hope is to wake people up to the issue. City council will still have to vote on the approval of that particular digital screen. City spokeswoman Jocelyn Turner said city staff have committed to finalizing the review and to present a digital sign report to council in the spring with a presentation to planning committee in May Life adds up.

Your finances should too. Put your cash back towards your balance and become mortgage-free sooner or use the money to help with other needs. The day organized by Rwanda Social Services featured traditional dancing and music by local performers. No CIBC legal, property valuation or transfer-in fees. Limit 1 cash back offer per mortgage. Conditions and restrictions apply. Offer may change or be withdrawn at any time. Senators charged into the Central Canada Hockey League playoffs riding a four game winning streak. Senators that saw them pick up wins in nine of their final 11 games, including two victories over both the Lumber Kings and Brockville Braves and a defeat of the league-leading Nepean Raiders on Feb.

Forward Ben Robillard led the way for the Jr. Senators, picking up his 27th and 28th goals of the season. The year-old, in his first season with Ottawa, was second only to Devon Rice in goal scoring for the club. Rice ended the campaign with 32 goals.

Justin Pelock scored the lone goal for Pembroke. Getting the start in goal for the Jr. Senators was Charlie Millen, who stopped 20 shots against one of his former teams. Matt Gagne made 21 saves in a losing effort for the Lumber Kings. The game was the final regular season contest for Ottawa and the club now has a week to prepare for the opening game of their first round playoff series on March 15 in. Cornwall against the Colts. Game 4 returns to Ottawa on March For five members of the Jr.

According to the club, all five players are actively being recruited by National Collegiate Athletic Association schools from the United States and announcements will be made in the coming weeks regarding their commitments for next season. The Jr. There was a gentleman who frequented the park after a stop at the Beer Store across the street, and MacLeod mostly avoided him. But one day, the man asked if he could give her small daughter a push on the swing. MacLeod allowed it. With tears streaming down his face, MacLeod recalls the man thanking her.

His own daughter refused to let him see his grandchild because of his problems with alcohol. They are people, too. Navigating the needs of different users of the park, from toddlers to seniors to substance abusers, will be one of the challenges facing Cities, a Toronto-based nonprofit group that has partnered with the Centretown Community Health Centre to create a plan to re-energize the park.

The health centre began working with other community agencies, including the library, Ottawa Public Health and Friends of Dundonald Park last summer to bring new programming into the park, but drafting Cities to consult the community and prepare a report should bring new energy and ideas to the project, said Christina Marchant, the director of community health promotion for the health centre. Gil Penalosa, executive director of Cities, kicked off the initiative by giving a speech to a group of about Penalosa and his staff were also there to collect suggestions on what neighbours would like to see in their park in the future.

The team will also be returning in June to conduct focus groups and get more feedback for a report it will prepare with a vision for upgrades and programs that could happen in the park. The push to reclaim Dundonald Park began last May, when the health centre discovered that the park was rated one of the least safe community spaces by Ottawa police. The centre decided to take some of its programs outdoors.

That included things like yoga and hula hooping, but also some of the harm reduction services the health centre provides. Then the library got involved, bringing a storyteller to the park. Centretown Movies began showing outdoor films in the park. Marchant said. Those in attendance left the meeting energized with new ideas to refresh the park. The eyesore parking lot was an issue for others, some of whom thought it could be remedied by using the space for a food truck and some seating, or by planting trees along the sidewalk to block the cement expanse from view. That includes the homeless and street-involved citizens who use the park, Marchant said.

As more people return to use the park, it will begin to feel safer, she added. Follow the signs. Maple Syrup Grades All maple syrup sold in Ontario must be graded. There are two grades and four colour classes sold for consumer use. Colour Class. Good for pancakes, waffles French toast, dessert topping, breakfast cereals Glazing, sweetening, as a dessert on its own.

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Advocates tell city to boost Lansdowne bike network City needs to make Glebe site easier to get to on two wheels, cyclists say Laura Mueller laura. Lansdowne Park and its dense urban surroundings are no suburban Scotiabank Place, and that means people are going to have to change their thinking about how they plan to get there, the city says. After the site is redeveloped with a renovated stadium, new retail offerings, a cinema, offices and homes, the city is hoping that more people will see the wisdom in hopping on a bicycle to get to Lansdowne Park.

When it comes to big. But he came to city hall on March 7 to tell councillors that telling people to cycle and even giving them a place to park their bikes when they get to Lansdowne is not enough. The city needs to look beyond Lansdowne Park itself and update the cycling plan for the Glebe to ensure that people have direct and convenient ways to get to the site on their bikes, deVries said.

What about from north of the Queensway? What are the routes? Creating cycling lanes, improving intersections with cyclist in mind and putting up. For an east-west cutthrough, the city should look at altering a pedestrian access at Fifth Avenue and Lyon Street to allow cyclists to use it, deVries said. The committee was discussing a series of updated reports for transportation at Lansdowne, including a transportation demand management report.

Dedicated bicycle parking for bikes should be provided on site, the report states, including secure parking for all of the future residents and for a portion of the parking allotted for the offices and retail mainly for employees. More bike parking would be added during special events. The report also recommends that space be set aside for a Bixi station at Lansdowne. For More Information or to Order Tickets: e-mail: info accesointernational.

Of course, if you were Irish, all the better. Mother, who claimed to have a touch of Irish in her blood, took St. He was one of the few in Northcote who had no intention of celebrating the day. But Mother celebrated every holiday, right from St. And so one year Mother had me all decked out for this special day at Northcote School. My older sister Audrey and three brothers, after practically being laughed out of the place in past years with their bright green shirts, flatly refused to wear anything but the usual plaid shirts and overalls they wore every day.

Mother took a blouse I had worn many times which was fashioned out of flour bags, and dyed it green. It simmered on the back of the Findlay Oval for most of a day in dye. It was sure green, even after she rinsed it several times. Back then, everything was starched within an inch of its life and on St. Wearing green was reserved for those of us in the lower grades. She must have gotten out of bed with the chickens, because she looked like she had been at school for hours.

She was already settled in her seat when I got there, which was very unusual for Marguerite who liked to breeze in just as Miss Crosby was ringing the bell. She loved a big entrance. But there she was in green from head to toe. The wide satin ribbon in her hair matched the one at her waist. Her dress, like my blouse,. The dress was made of organza, just like something you would see in the ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Her mother had even dyed her white cotton stockings and for this special occasion, she was wearing her Sunday black patent leather shoes. I was suddenly very conscious of my flour bag blouse, but the last thing I wanted to do was let on to Marguerite that I was jealous of her St. Now, every morning after we were all seated, Marguerite took it upon herself to close the storm door securely. She was never asked to do this chore and I thought it was easier for Miss Crosby to just let her do it than argue with the young tyrant who was a force to be reckoned with at the best of times.

It was enough. Well, that St. She slammed the outside storm door, then bang went the inside one, down went the lock and then she turned and bounded for her seat. You could hear the rip all over the school and there stood Marguerite standing with the bodice of the dress in tack and the skirt firmly anchored in the door jam. I suppose it would have been Christian of me to feel sorry for her with, but I confess I felt nothing of the sort.

Miss Crosby took her into the cloak room at the back of the school and eventually they emerged with Marguerite wrapped in two large pinny aprons reserved for the days when the pupils cleaned the school from top to bottom. One apron covered her front, and the other her back. And there she sat for the rest of the day. It had to be fetched for her. When I got home from school that night Mother asked me about the day. EMC news - Improvements are coming to the online aquatics program registration following another year that saw the system overloaded far too often.

A record number of people signed up for swimming classes on the day registration opened. Mark Taylor, chairman of the community and protective services committee. But he agreed that some changes are needed in order to reduce the number of people who face a crashed ottawa. Taylor said. The solution is going to be coming up with a new process. For next year, Taylor said the city is looking at re-jigging the system. Instead of trying to add more servers at a large cost, Taylor said the city will be looking at a different process, such as spreading out registrations for certain programs over a period of time.

Aquatic program registration is already split from the rest of the recreation program sign-ups for that reason. The software that powers the online registration system will also be upgraded next year said Beacon HillCyrville Coun. For more information call Bridlewood Retirement Residence at or visit www.

Vichy France

Are you a senior over 65 with musical talent singing or playing an instrument. Call for more information about our up coming event. Bring a friend and enjoy All are welcome to enjoy our events and our hospitality! Minister for Status of Women Rona Ambrose was at the Canadian Agriculture Museum on March 6 to announce program funding for economic and safety programs for rural women. Waterston said. The NCC, she indicated, would be willing to build up towards that number, depending on the business proposal.

Expressions of interest for the property will be accepted until April More information can be found at www. Riverside United Church Riverside Dr. Sunday Worship - a. Andrew School Crestway Dr. Minister: Alex Mitchell sttimothys on. Ministers: Rev. Angela Bailey Rev. Tel: ; Baseline Rd. Invites you to our worship service with Rev. Minister - Rev. We are a small church in the city of Ottawa with a big heart for God and for people.

The property, located at 50 Sussex Dr. The NCC is looking for either public or private -sector tenants to lease the building. Mary Ann Waterston, direc-. The property is currently zoned for either a museum or marina, Waterston said, offering a variety of potential uses. The cost to lease the property may not come cheap. Mar 31, 10 a. Nursery Cultural TechnicianFull time position. Duties: to perform and coordinate the pesticide, fertilizer and root culturing operations on the nursery. Wages and benefits equivalent or better then industry standard. K0G 1J0.

Repointing, fireplaces and all types of brick and stone masonry work, 35 years experience. Call for Free Estimate. House Cleaning. Professional, dependable, customer-oriented. Tailored to your needs. Call Reasonable Rates. Free Estimates. Clean up clutter, garage sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. Online training, flexible hours. Secure 24hr monitoring. Experience not required.

If you can shop -you are qualified! Disability Products. Buy and Sell stair lifts, scooters, bath lifts, patient lifts, hospital beds, etc. Call Silver Cross Ottawa Best quality. All shapes and colours. Horse, Tack, Equipment Consignment Sale. Galetta Livestock. APRIL 7th.

Dominique Autié - Ray Conniff for ever !

Galetta Ontario. Tack 10 am, Equip. Noon, Horses 2 pm. Consign early. Income in guaranteed! No experience required. Enroll today! Seasonal Manual Workers. Duties: Lifting and packaging of seedling stock, transplanting, weeding, assorted manually demanding jobs. Requirements: Physically capable of doing the work required, good work ethics, some flexibility of hours during spring and fall busy periods, a safe work attitude and the ability to work with others.

When: Early April till end of August. Kemptville, ON. Must have a class G license and clean abstract. Bilingualism an asset. Competitive salary and benefits. Please forward resumes to mlapensee independentlinen. Billing experience preferred. Leave message Truck Mechanic Wanted Local trucking company of 40 units looking for a mechanic, licence preferred , apprentices welcome to apply. Great career opportunities. Cross-border and Intra-Canada positions available. Call Celadon Canada, Kitchener. Currently we are seeking a part-time Clinical Dietician for the Grove Nursing Home who will complete comprehensive patient assessments and who will develop, monitor and revise nutrition care plans to address therapeutic dietary needs.

The Clinical Dietician provides an analysis of menus and approves all menus prior to implementation in the nursing home and assesses nutrition risk levels for all residents. Sound communication skills are needed to educate and update patients and families; participate in multidisciplinary rounds, palliative rounds and other team conferences as required. We thank all applicants for their interest but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Seasonal Merchandiser for outdoor garden centres. Ottawa and eastern Ontario. Contact btnottawa gmail. Prestige Design and Construction is looking for experienced asphalt personnel. Competitive wages and benefits. Please email or call: tammy prestigeottawa. Industry experience a plus. Competitive Salary, commission and benefits. Please send resume to buddy independentlinen.

Welding and electrical ability an asset. Send resume to personnel alparsons. Full time. April to end August. No experience necessary, Some training provided. Enjoy children? Salary, airfare, medical provided plus more. Available: Spain, Holland, China, Etc Teaching in Korea - Different benefits apply. Summer camps in Europe.

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Call or email scotiap ns. Need a helping hand? Call Seniors on Site at or visit www. Extra strength roll-on and spray available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Purebred Charolais bulls, 1 year old, also Black Angus and Red. Delivery when required. Organize a course and yours is free.

Call Wenda Cochran Private lessons, limited enrollment, free consultation. Call Steve, Limited time offer. Fastest, Guaranteed Pardon in Canada. FREE consultation. Better Option Mortgage www. Get Hope now! CMAtrained in Income Tax. Mike Tax Returns! Do you hate doing your taxes? I am a retired accountant and I love doing them. Contact PJ Parker Door and canteen open at p. There are no dues or fees for A. The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Phone or Call or , You choose!

TRUE Clarity! TRUE Psychics! Bob Dickson 1 bdickson magma. Applicants Applicantsmust mustbebeyears years or over undersignedby byMay April11, 6 All applications will be reviewed by a committee of the in thein City Ottawa. All applications will be reviewed by a committee of the Board.

The Nepean Housing Corporation is a community-based non-profit housing. Pet Grooming done in your home. Applicants should have some background or knowledge in any of the experience and is particularly interested in the area of how to use political, financial and aforementioned and be to serve a non-profit minimum housing term of three years with an human resourceareas strategies to willing move the work of forward.