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I like the idea of morbidly romantic stuff sometimes. I explained it to my girlfriend, and she found it quite sexy. I think I'm trying to consciously hide it behind being somebody else, writing about their struggle and their strife. So there was a humorous reluctance to disclose it in this song.

Whereas Pete Doherty was a different character. That was the thing that I was always scared of—being an obnoxious celebration of that kind of sickness.

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I just felt so lucky. But I was lucky. This seems like a rehab song.

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Yeah, it was only me and this other person—me in my own compound, and she had her own compound across the way. We rarely saw each other apart from some shared therapy, and she was such a beautiful, lovely woman. I felt a real connection and an empathy with her. And we soon found out that we lived on the same road in Manchester! And we were in Barbados. It was crazy man. One road in the whole world. What significance does that book hold for you?

I was reading that when I was in rehab. There was no one there. I was surrounded by no one, and the book was just open on the front page, as most copies of Infinite Jest are. That was kind of the joke. Because nobody reads it all the way! Everyone our age has got a battered, quarter-read copy of Infinite Jest.

Me neither. It came from our love of Coltrane. And I wanted a standard, because imagine writing a new Gershwin song, imagine a new one of those existing. The vocals on this track are really intense. But in order for me to get people to believe me, I have to really, really try. Those vocals were actually from the day before I went to rehab.

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To be fair, I sang it better when I got out, but there was just something in those vocals. It was kind of guttural. I was really upset and scared. It has some Eric Clapton moments. That was one take. It was the demo, and I just fucking nailed it for some reason. It really makes sense, right? Weekly recap 10 - 16 June 17 Jun Weekly recap 3 - 9 June 11 Jun Events Go to all events.

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