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More On Beyond the Edge. War is coming. A horde of merciless aliens poise just beyond the Edge.

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In a matter of weeks they will devour the worlds. Racing ahead of the apocalypse, Craze returns to the Backworlds to warn them and plan a defense.

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Banned from Pardeep Station, he must wage a more urgent battle. His moon is under siege, and his friends are dying.

Bad things come in threes, and the galaxy is no exception. An old enemy returns, attacking moons and defenseless globes, leaving a wake of destruction. Worse than that, they threaten to join forces with the alien horde. Defeat seems inevitable.

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Craze may not be able to stop it. Yet home is worth the fight. More On Worlds On Edge. The Backworlds hang by a Quantum string, a thread about to snap. The murderous alien wants to overtake the galaxy. Because of his history with the alien, Craze is recruited to represent his people. The looming war will be a holocaust unless Craze can stop it, knowing salvation comes at a price. More On Precipice.

The Backworlds Living on the Edge A Space Opera Adventure Series

The first shot of a new war echoes through the galaxy. Craze has high hopes for what the alliance with an old enemy, the Foreworlds, will do to defeat a worse enemy, the Quassers.

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The test of a highly-advanced weapon, created by the efforts of the alliance, pushes tensions over the brink and kills thousands. To make it worse, the Foreworld ambassador is keeping secrets.


With nothing left to lose, Craze sets in motion one last chance for survival. More on FreeFall. Craze is only days away from the grand opening of his shiny new tavern. The starway opens, bringing in a loony Backworlder intent on mucking up his carefully laid plans.

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Want a pin just like Captain Talos wears in the Backworlds series? Full of originality and not washed up with trite characters usually found in the sci-fi genre. Dunbak: "Very seldom do you come across truly unique challenges and characters in sci-fi anymore. It was a welcome jaunt into strange new world, and I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series. Thanks to the author for revealing an entire new world, no galaxy to me.

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