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So, being a researchy kind of person, I look for good books, articles, and online resources that could help me. I have two books in this category so far, and two more possibles, and enough optimism to call that the beginnings of a list. Even better, I can supplement this series with two related ones:. Now on to the first book. You know how I know this? And yadda. But the most important one is the big tent one: You Have Issues.


So what stuck with me is this: Look around at all the people you know who are in healthy, happy, long-term, romantic relationships. Are they perfect? Have they solved their issues? They lucked out. Most of your friends, according to my very scientific survey of my friends, met their partners in school, where we were all surrounded by singles our age.

Most of the rest met later, online or in a bar. Some few met just in life. Keep going. Take breaks when it gets to be horrible, which it certainly does. But generally just keep going. He looks like a typical Boston guy: dark jeans, Patagonia jacket, backwards Sox hat, oh, and completely wasted. How is this supposedly talented and very fast marathoner already drunk at noon? More importantly, how the hell am I going to sit through a freaking baseball game with this guy?

He hands the phone to me, almost dropping it, and I ask him to unlock it, which is quite a struggle. I think about bolting, about turning right around and leaving his drunk ass. But I hesitate just a second too long and end up with a sweaty arm wrapped around my shoulders. Could I sneak away to the bathroom and just bail?

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Could I say I was really tired not feeling well after my run? Could I tell him I had a dental emergency and my gums were about to start spontaneously bleeding? No, this would be the last time I see I met the way most single people do nowadays—on an app. The whole dating app world was new to me.

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Last fall, my sister convinced me to try out Bumble a few months after a devastatingly horrible break up with a man I dated for four years. Running was an integral part of our lives.

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We were both marathoners , and though we rarely ran together because of our extreme pace difference, running was what initially brought us together. So when we broke up, I felt like I lost a part of my identity as a runner.

How to NOT Suck at Dating

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I started swiping. Swiping to find someone whose profile photo showed them wearing a race bib. Swiping to see if their bio said anything about liking running. Swiping to find someone who would openly swap midrun bathroom horror stories without blinking an eye. It was a lot of swiping. Then I matched with and we agreed to meet. He lived about an hour and a half away from my new apartment, but he was cute, and seemed normal enough through texts. But in person, something felt off.

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So I did what any sane person who is dating in the modern era does: I Googled him and discovered some not-so-sweet, kind of illegal things. So that was that for

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